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A geomatics company present on the market for almost 30 years. Satellite imagery, UAV photogrammetry, geographic analyzes and location services for business. We offer know-how supported by a rich database of vector and raster GIS data. Welcome to our website!

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Specialized software for extracting qualitative data from aerial and satellite images and automating geospatial data analyses. The possibilities are endless.


Tethered aerostat as a versatile imaging observation platform. Multispectral remote sensing for agriculture. Thermal imaging, night FLIR monitoring, multi-temporal observations and many other applications.

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GIS data

We provide an extensive GIS geographic data resource for the entire area of Poland. Vector databases, digital terrain models, landuse / land cover data and orthophotomaps.

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GEOSYSTEMS Polska has been operating continuously since 1995, making a key contribution to the development of geoinformatics in Poland.

Our competences include broadly understood geomatics and spatial information: technologies for its acquisition, processing, analysis and presentation. We perform research and development work and provide services in the field of remote sensing, photogrammetry and GIS geographic information systems.

We are a distributor of specialized software designed to analyze image data Trimble eCognition®. We cooperate with suppliers of satellite image data, both optical and radar.

We implement projects involving the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for image monitoring. We also develop geographic web applications.

Geoinformatyka | GEOSYSTEMS Polska

We implement scientific and research projects

For years we have been participating in scientific and research projects conducted both by Polish institutions and scientific and industrial consortiums, as well as in international projects. Our areas of research interest are:

  • environmental protection
  • crisis management
  • spatial planning
  • geomarketing
  • agriculture
  • tourism

We create GIS databases

We are developing geographical databases natural resources, infrastructure and land use. We have digital terrain models for the entire country, as well as databases of building heights in urban areas.

Geoinformatics is spatial analysis

Visibility, propagation, proximity and other GIS analyses. Long-term analyzes of changes in the terrain, its form, cover and use. Searching for locations for business and services.

We provide satellite imagery and processing technologies

We provide image data from various operators, and we are also a distributor and technological partner of leading producers of geoinformatics software intended for the processing and analysis of image data: ERDAS®, HEXAGON®, Trimble® eCognition.

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An innovative online application for finding tourist destinations in Europe and trip planning

Our mission is to implement bold, innovative geomatic solutions that improve the profitability of business ventures, public safety and reduce the adverse impact of the human economy on the environment.

In cooperation with scientific institutes, universities, administration and other companies, we are looking for new applications of spatial information, observations and satellite positioning. We also try to promote techniques for their use.

We invite all companies and institutions interested in implementing geoinformatics technologies to cooperate with us!

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